Saturday, April 30, 2011

My black sand beaches and my white water rapids.

Arroyo Burro.




Dancing weds.

Murk Ink.


Watching you work.

Big home.

Angel face.




Creepy basement.

The lovely Kriss Light performing in Venice Beach.

Brother bear ripping it up.

The Darlings performing in Redondo Beach.

Green Belt.


Bromancing Buds.

Tim Mcllrath of Rise Against in Long Beach.


Cousin in the wind.

Railroad Revival.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking Forward

As far as all the back stabbing goes, of course I'm undeserving. I'm too nice for my own good and I just keep on learning to continue to not trust anyone even more so than I did before. The anxiety is finally starting to subside. I'll be leaving these things in the past and focusing more on the good stuff:

Tonight- the cure all- live music. I'm going with my cousin to see 3 of the favorites. 2 since I was a kid. It really doesn't get much better than that. Oh but wait, it definitely does.

April 10th- my sister's b-day. Nothing beats a family celebration. But, then again, maybe something does.

April 14th-18th- an adventure with my best ladies. This adventure includes 3 days of music-loving and smiling and dancing. Not to mention the beers and the camping and the tangerines and lots of ice and sunscreen. Ahh Coachella, you'll never get old.

April 22nd- Railroad Revival. Definitely life-changing. 3 amazing bands. I can't wait to hop around and slap my knee. Happy birthday Shelly.

While these are all the most amazing parts of my month, I'm also completely and entirely excited for my cousin Aura to visit in May. We haven't seen each other in years but she is definitely the East Coast version of me. We are going to have the best adventures together ever.

I love to live this life for me. I have to be selfish because every time I'm not, I get screwed over. This won't be happening anymore. At least, I hope not. If I don't live MY own life then I'm living other people's lives. I spend so much time trying to make everyone happy that I end up being miserable. I'm not sorry anymore. In the almighty and powerful words of Cartman, "I do what I want."