Monday, July 12, 2010

Post Secret

Frank Warren is a man who cares about others and supports everyone to care about others. What started as an art project to help people blow off steam or get things off their chest has become a huge movement across the world. It is so beautiful to see people of all ages, shapes, and sizes reach out to strangers to help them realize this life is worth living. The connection Post Secret has with the Hopeline suicide prevention program has created awareness that there are people out there who give a damn and will sit and listen and help you through your tough time. It is extremely beautiful to see people that truly do care about the way people feel. Life is very giving but some people need to be reminded of that. We all need to help each other overcome our personal obstacles. While I am extremely fortunate to have the support system that I have, not everyone is as lucky. Strangers are still humans. Everyone is beautiful and has an extreme need to be a part of this world.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Talk All You Want

With a quiet smile and a hidden roll of the eyes,

she made up her mind about her morning.

Wanting affection, she only received distance

and detachment. It was time to leave.

She seemed happy even though her brain

was loudly cursing. Her feelings, fake.

Wanting to hide in the goodness, pretending

everything was perfect. Ignoring that it wasn't.

He was so close, but she couldn't feel him.

Feverishly fighting for fruitful fondness.

She just wanted to keep falling. She felt

the need to keep pushing. She couldn't pull

the strings. She couldn't even reach them.