Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Land of the free, home of the bullshit.
I can write free and I can write bullshit.
I won't know the difference until I'm
done. I multitask the aftermath when
boredom is wearing me thin. Boredom
never really exists because we always
have something to do. While it's slow at
work and I only have one table, I'm
grateful for the free time (or bullshit time.)
I'm still getting paid minimum wage. Hey,
it's better than nothing.
I won't go outside unless I HAVE to. The
wind is freezing my hands. My mother
makes my phone vibrate with her typed
reminder that it's two of my cousin's birthdays.
Texting them will take a few minutes out of my
silly shift at shellback. My lunch rush
of four tables is over at 2:30 with
$12 in my cup. It's April 21st and it's
still Winter outside. I want Summer to be
here but only when I'm not working.
Even though I'm not making money, I
enjoy the quiet time to myself. After all,
I'm not that ecstatic about being a waitress.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

cotton mouth

liberating tendencies

all after one form of truth



constant boggle of whereabouts

pending on the next location

next destiny



often hope of creativity

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Sixty

I've been looking forward to a break and a chance to get out of the South Bay. My small vacation of two days in Palm Springs has not quite begun. I have been in this car for three and a half hours. I was right on time and even got some things done around the house before I left. It started to rain right before I left the house and has been off and on. The ninety-one freeway had some pretty bad traffic and finally cleared after about forty-five minutes. I received a text message from my boss demanding if I did or did not have a shot during my shift on Saturday night. While focusing more on responding to his text than the road, I made a sudden decision to take the sixty. I NEVER take the sixty freeway. I figured it was no big deal since I could just take it to the ten. I was thinking it would be fun because it goes through the mountains. Well I got smacked in the face with traffic. I have been sitting here for a little over an hour. No one is moving. We have not moved an inch in more than sixty minutes. The only time we did move was OFF THE ROAD as much as we could to give the fire truck and ambulance room to get through on this two lane highway to the accident up in front. A fireman in his full garb guided me until the bumper of my car was literally touching the side of the mountain. People are walking around, talking on phones, walking up and down the road to see what is happening. "I say we just keep walking until we hit Palm Springs," A cute red headed kid just said to his friend followed by chuckles walking past my car. They are dressed for a nice hot day by the pool in their tennis shoes and plaid shorts. Too bad it's friggin raining. A man climbed up on the top of a small mountain on the side of the road to get a better view. Parents are taking their kids up to see what all the fuss is about. Two young men walked by, one holding a camera pointing at the other one walking backwards while the other young man was walking toward him. I smiled immediately when I heard the young man flowing his lyrics. These boys thought this was a great opportunity for a music video. I appreciated their creativity that stemmed from this ridiculous mess.

While I am a little irritated, this is still better than working surrounded by drunk people pulling at me and ignoring me. I am able to catch up on reading anyway so it's kind of relaxing. It is quite interesting seeing the different ways people deal with a situation like this. It reminds me of waiting for the ferry to board cars in Vancouver, B.C. to take us to Vancouver Island. The only difference is I don't have my traveling buddy Luna with me. I've been eating all my Easter candy, craving a cigarette, reading the paper, listening to Dr. Laurie on KFWB talk radio and typing on my computer. My phone is almost dead and my parents are mad at me for taking the sixty highway. I wonder how long it will take but at least I have plenty of things to keep me occupied in my car. I still want a cigarette. People are running back to their cars and starting their engines. My vacation awaits.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

List of exciting things in the near future.

I need to be on the road.

Palm Springs will be a perfect little trip. I am feeling trapped in the South Bay. I need to break out for at least two days. It's better than nothing.

-My sister's birthday
-Allura shows
-House sitting for friends and hanging out with their kitty
-S. Coles graduation party
-My brother's graduation
-Road trip to Portland and Seattle
-My friend's Shakespeare play
-A new feather

-Everything in between!

Today I had a breakthrough. I had a very productive day. Exercise is needed along with a healthy diet. I am proud to be in touch with my body. I am also excited for new opportunities and new adventures. My life will continue to be boring if I don't succeed in doing something to change it. Talk is very cheap.