Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shutter Island

Despite the fact that I already believe that Martin Scorsese is the most valuable and talented filmmaker of all time (At least of my time), his film was nothing short of amazing. I am not a fan of scary movies. This includes horror films and psychological thrillers. I don't like being freaked out or being on the thin line of a heart attack. I don't enjoy being frightened. However, I like films of all kinds so I am more than happy to sit and be consumed by one. Martin Scorsese is not only my idol but the smartest mother fucker in the industry as far as I'm concerned. The reason why I went to see this film in theaters is because it is Scorsese's. I have seen every film he has made and I learn something new every single time I watch and re-watch one of his films. I cannot get over how beautiful the lighting was in the ENTIRE film. I swear it is the most inspiring thing to see people do anything that is immensely tedious such as lighting a scene, making fancy food, writing a novel, building a car, etc.
Although I am physically tense and mentally exhausted, I believed the film to be one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. The camera work was impressive. There was a particular scene where the camera was placed at an extremely low angle. This reminded me of the camera work in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. Pieces of wood in the floor were removed to achieve a similar low angle. This is beautiful to me because of the thoughts and creative ideas that goes into certain films. Martin Scorsese always puts 120 % into each film and treats it as a painting or a book he is writing. So much goes into film making which is why it take years to finish a project. The flashbacks were so colorful and gave the viewer hints into the thoughts of the main character and what the underlying truth of why he was on this island. This film forces the viewer to emotionally connect to the character and the intense situation he is in.
Shutter Island left me feeling crazy and a little paranoid. Although these are not positive feelings, that means the film was very strong. It did it's job by making the viewer (myself) ask questions, search for answers and have trouble sleeping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I always looked up to her. I still do, even though she's been gone for one year.